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Mike Posner speaks about writing for Maroon 5 and his songs

Mike Posner is expecting the 3rd time is the charm for his 2nd album. After recording and keeping aside Pages and Sky High – Posner has shifted lebels from RCA to Island. He is now working on another project and he recently stated that he is almost done and it comes with a different sound.

It is very different from 2010’s 31 Minutes To Takeoff that he started to reveal during his Unplugged concerts in 2014 and at performances during South By Southwest this year.

Posner, who has also been a go-to writer for Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, Big Sean, Nick Jonas and several others, told that he was what people call shelved.  This means if I didn’t have a huge track on the radio my album was not going to be unveiled. He does not feel bitter about that at all. He asked RCA to let him off the label and they very graciously did, and after that he sort of stumbled on this brand new material, this new style. Read more »

How to paint a guitar – Mike Shinoda style!

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