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Mike Shinoda Sheds Light on Helping Bennington

According to Pulse of Radio, Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park vocalist, had shed some light in an interview with the Metro magazine on how the band members had acted together in helping the singer Chester Bennington, who suffered from alcohol and drug problems.

Since his childhood, Bennington had been experimenting with both the substances. However, alcoholism tightly gripped on Bennington’s life, when the band became immensely successful.

Shinoda recalled that when the band members had learnt that Chester suffered from alcohol as well as drug problem, they acted together to help him. The members told him that they wanted to be supportive and the fact that Chester was doing the positive things meant a lot to them. Shinoda mentioned that they are fortunate to have compassionate and helpful band members. The members are supportive towards each other. Eventually, all that matters is the members love their work. They aren’t prepared to throw it away on anything.

Pulse of Radio revealed that Chester’s drinking problem was a serious concern. Chester survived on alcohol. He used to consume them all including Jack Daniels with ice, Coke and Jack, or beer. Bennington was so drawn in the problem that there hadn’t been a day that he hasn’t drank. In an interview with TeamRock, Bennington disclosed that he opted for alcohol and drugs after being harassed sexually as a child. Chester explained that the incident influenced him badly. When he was 13-16, he did lots of drinking and tons of LSD. Then, they decided to turn to speed and he got bad, really quickly.